Is Video the future of Digital Marketing?

Everyone knows how important marketing is for the growth of a business. This is why you will find a whole department dedicated to marketing in any structured organisation. Often times, there is a need to rethink your marketing strategy. This is true if your business is not growing as it should. Over the years, various marketing methods have been developed. However, video marketing is the latest trend that smart business owners are utilising.

Video marketing owes its sudden rise to the introduction of television. Also, the dawn of the internet age is partly to thank. Nowadays, you can even make videos from your mobile devices, pretty cool right? The popularity and ease of accessing video streaming websites have transformed video marketing. It has been transformed from an “up-and-coming” marketing strategy to “the” marketing strategy. Therefore, you really do not have an excuse for lagging behind the competition.

The current state of video in marketing


state of video marketing

Companies have begun to understand the importance of video contents in marketing. Video contents catch people’s attention more than any other media forms. Several studies and surveys have revealed this and more. A survey carried out by HubSpot shows that about 53% of people demand that marketers use more video contents. Also, 51.9% of professionals in the marketing industry claim that video contents produces the best return on investment (ROI). This doesn’t just show that video marketing is effective. It also shows that video contents are in increasing demand.

A State of Video Marketing  survey by Wyzowl shows that 81% of businesses make use of video marketing.  Also, 99% of them have decided to stick with the strategy. Furthermore, 65% of companies that have not started using video marketing plan to start using them in 2018.

A few years back, the over-the-top cost of making video contents was the main discouraging factor. Nowadays, the advancements in technology have made it super cheap to make video contents. The easy access to the internet has caused an increase in the number of video streaming sites. Some examples are YouTube, Myspace, and Vimeo. This has then led to an increase in the amount of time the average person spends watching videos. Hence, it makes sense that more companies are joining the video marketing bandwagon.

“How effective are video contents in marketing?” This question often comes up among marketing professionals. This is understandable as is vital to know how effective a strategy is before adopting it. About 80 percent of users remember a video they watched on the internet in the last 30 days. Out of these people, 46 percent either went in search for more information, visited the website or bought the advertised product. This shows the overall effectiveness of video adverts.

5 Reasons why Video Marketing is the Future


Video Marketing benefits

Videos can communicate clearly to a particular audience. This makes it an excellent choice for convincing people. People are easily distracted by what they see, which is why audio contents are not as effective in keeping someone’s attention as video contents. Also, watching a video can be a lot more relaxing than reading a content. Apart from these pros let us look at some of the reasons why video is the future of marketing.

1.   Video contents are easily accessible on all devices


The digital marketing world today is driven by flexibility and responsive design. If your product or service does not cut across various platforms and devices, you will be losing a lot of traffic. It is therefore crucial that your marketing strategy has high compatibility. Thankfully, everyone consumes video contents irrespective of their device. Therefore, using video marketing makes your products and services more consumer-focused and user-friendly.

2.   Video contents improve your website’s SEO


A few years ago, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) wasn’t as important as it is now. This is because there were many hacks people used to get around ranking. Nowadays, solid SEO skills and techniques are pivotal to promote your business.

Search engine ranking is one of the most important elements of online marketing. Using relevant video contents will increase traffic on your website or business page. This is also likely to increase your conversion rate. Putting a video content in your site’s landing page is an excellent strategy. People watching videos gives you views and clicks. This will in turn keep your business relevant in the market.

3.   Online courses now comprise primarily of video contents


The educational industry is not lagging behind when it comes to video content. The internet has made learning much easier. Now, you can just relax in your room and take a whole course on your favorite subjects. Even teachers have found a new way of earning extra cash by selling courses online. If you register for an online course, you will discover that most of the teaching aids are video contents. The importance of videos is even more pronounced when taking practical courses. This is because you will get a better understanding when you see a visual demonstration.

4.   Video contents are easier to remember


It is simply not enough to captivate your visitors by giving them an interesting message about your business. If they forget your message shortly after, you haven’t really done your job right. It is a lot easier to remember something you watched than one that you read. This is why video contents help turn visitors on your site to regular customers. Whenever your video content is remembered, viewers automatically remember your brand.

5.   Video contents go viral easily


Virility exists thanks to the internet and the numerous social media platforms available today. Media files can be shared around the world within seconds. In fact, the easiest and fastest way to pass information today is through social media. Using video marketing makes it easier for people to share your contents. This means your customers can help increase your reach by sharing your videos. About 60 percent of users prefer to engage in video posts than text posts. All you have to do is come up with a video that will captivate your audience and they will do the rest for you.


Tips to take advantage of video marketing


tips for video marketing

Perhaps you have decided to join this growing trend and introduce video contents to your marketing strategy. Well, congratulations, you have taken the important first step but you are not there yet. Many people do not know the right way to go about doing this. This is why you see some annoying advertisements that turn out to be a total waste of time. Here are a few tips that will help give you the desired outcome:


Make your videos short and straight to the point


When it comes to marketing, “slow and steady” is not exactly the best strategy. You should always put in mind that your video marketing will most likely be through email, social media, and other online platforms. Although people may be willing to give you a chance, no one wants to watch an obnoxiously long video. Therefore, make sure you hook your viewers in the first few seconds and pass your message succinctly.


Develop an identity for your videos that fit into your brand


The video contents you use are a part of your brand and should depict that. Every video content you decide to use for marketing your business should be specific. It should show a particular brand identity to your audience. Of course, not all your contents should be the same. However, it is more helpful when they depict your business brand.

If viewers sense that there is no connection between your brand and your video content, there is problem. You run the risk of looking inauthentic and consequently losing potential customers.


Tell your audience a story


Who does not love a good story? Most people watch videos to get entertained even if the video is not for the purpose of entertainment. Therefore, while you are promoting your business brand, ensure that you make your video contents engaging and interesting. The trick is to model your product as a part of people’s lives rather than just a product. This way, you can make up a captivating and relatable story built around your product. 

While you are at it, you should also try to appeal to the emotion of your audience. If your audience can build an emotional connection with your product, they will surely want it. A good strategy is to use graphics, mood, and music to evoke the emotions of the viewers.


Incorporate a call to action at the end of your video


Whoever watches your video to the end is most likely very interested in the idea you are selling. Hence, a call to action at the end will encourage them to take an action. This can either be a click-through, making a purchase, or email signup. An excellent strategy is to include a button at the end of the video. This button could either take them to your main site or lead them to make a purchase.


Final thoughts


If you are not convinced of the effectiveness of video marketing then ask yourself one question; what is better than content being shared among users? Perhaps you have been using video contents in your marketing but haven’t seen the promised results, then your videography definitely needs a fix. The tips outlined here can help you succeed in utilising video marketing. When video marketing is done right, the results are obvious.