Content Marketing still rules 2018

There are many forms of marketing, but one that seems to have stood the test of time is content marketing. A very popular saying in marketing goes – Content is King. In truth, content marketing is perhaps the most important part of digital marketing, and this holds true even in 2018. There are several reasons why it still rules in this era, and we will reveal them to you. This information will help you capitalise on the numerous offerings of content marketing for your overall digital marketing strategy in 2018. First, let us really understand what content marketing is.

What is Content Marketing?

content marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing aimed at creating and sharing valuable, timely, relevant, credible and consistent content. This is done to build interest from a defined audience as well as to retain consumer interest. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to drive profitable action from customers. Content marketing can be used to generate leads, increase brand awareness and communicate with existing or potential customers. For content to do all of these, it has to be valuable and relevant to the people reading it.

Why Content Marketing is king in 2018


Content has been around for several years, and it is still very much talked about in 2018. These reasons are explained below and information is provided to help you capitalise on them:

Other forms of marketing rely on Content


This is perhaps the most important reason why content marketing will forever remain relevant. Several other forms of marketing – email marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Public Relations (PR), and landing pages for Search Engine Marketing – all rely on content. Content is the interface with which you liaise with your existing and potential customers. This shows that it is related with every part of your marketing strategy. Hence, it is always important to write content and focus on pushing this content to the right people.

Content drives Dialogue:


Content drives dialogue and conversations with potential and existing customers. For businesses to always remain on their customers’ minds, they need to constantly be in communication with their customers. This is the only way a business will be the first thing that pops up in a customer’s mind when they think of similar products. Content is the only way to promote communication and dialogue, hence its importance.

Content marketing is cost-effective


Perhaps the cheapest form of marketing with the highest returns is content marketing. A recent survey revealed that content marketing costs 62% less than other traditional forms of marketing and produces 3 times as many leads for every dollar spent. Another report revealed that conversion for content marketing is 6 times higher when compared to other forms of digital marketing. This in-turn makes  content marketing your best bet of improving your marketing ROI.

Content answers questions


Customers are always asking questions online and via search engines. Content marketing done right should answer the popular questions that customers always ask. Doing this will mean your business is providing customers with relevant information, thereby gaining their trust. The truth is that for any lead to turn to a potential customer, they have to trust your brand and business. Answering questions that bug them is the quickest way to gain this trust.

Content improves SEO


Search Engine Optimisation is an important part of digital marketing, as many searches for business are don via search engines. There are several ways to improve SEO, but content marketing stands out. With the use of natural keywords, internal linking, back linking and so on in content, SEO is bound to be improved. After you improve your SEO you’ll be able to see the impacts. While organic rankings rise conversions and leads are increase.

Customers are constantly looking for content


These days, everyone is always on their phones. About 20% of internet time is spent reading online. A report shows that over 68% of people want to read about brands they like online. This means content is accessible to customers, all you need to do is create content that they find relevant and helpful.



Content marketing is here to stay and businesses should be investing in it. From basic blog management to proper keyword research and internal linking structures. Content plays a role on every front of marketing, not only do the strategies work but it is also cost effective.

All you need is a good content strategy, valuable content and a means of distribution.