Email: Essential elements

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that makes use of electronic mail as a means of reaching an audience via commercial messages. This form of marketing has become quite popular for companies as part of their marketing campaign. The emails are aimed at acquiring new customers, strengthening the relationship with the already existing customers to enhance customer loyalty, and generally increasing sales.


Advantages of email VS traditional mail


  1. It’s an effective means of marketing since most people check their mail regularly
  2. The exact return on investment can be tracked easily. When email marketing is done properly, the ROI is quite high.
  3. Customers can subscribe and make work easier for the marketer who sends the emails to specific people on their list. Subscriptions show that the customer is actually interested in the subject
  4. The messages can be personalized to make them more relevant to the recipients
  5. Important customer events like purchases can be responded to automatically

The most common setback is that quite a number of the emails are marked as spam and this negatively affects the delivery rate of the emails. However, the customer can do away with the rejections by clicking on the “Opt-in feature.”  


Why should I leverage email marketing?


There are a number of reasons as to why businesses should invest in email marketing:

  • Cost – Whether you do it all by yourself or hire an email marketing agency to do it for you, you will realize that this is a very affordable form of marketing that lets you reach hundreds of potential customers. Compared to other forms of marketing, email marketing is considerably cheaper.
  • Success Rate – Once you get it right, you enjoy great benefits. This concept specifically targets the ideal customer and has a return on investment that blows other direct marketing strategies out of the water.
  • Flexible and Measurable – Nowadays it’s much easier to directly track the responses to your emails. This makes it possible for you to know which part of the campaign is working and which one is not. Such insights help you to modify your campaign appropriately.


Leveraging email marketing


For email marketing to work for you, you have to be strategic so that your emails don’t go straight to the trash folder. Here are some of the success factors of email marketing that can help you make your emails worthwhile to read:


  •  Be Creative – The overall design of the email needs to be creative. This refers to the font, text layout, the images, and the colour.
  • Be Relevant – Ensure that your emails are as relevant as possible to the target audience. Personalizing them for each customer is a huge plus.
  • Offer Incentives – When the recipient looks at the email, they’ll want to know what’s in it for them. When you offer them gifts and treats for participating, you increase their likelihood to respond.
  • Be time –appropriate – Make sure that the email notification pops during the day. If you send the email at night, it will have a lesser chance of being read.
  • Landing page – If you want your emails to convert into sales, you need to show the recipient where you want them to go and tell them exactly what you want them to do.


The Most Essential Elements of an Email Marketing Strategy


Email marketing is a powerful tool that creates brand advocates, keeps them engaged, and grows your business.  To achieve all this, there are certain things that you need to do to keep you ahead of the game. Here are 15 of email marketing’s most essential elements:


  • Subject Line

    The subject line should be short and concise. Make sure that the words used generate interest so that the recipient is tempted to open and read further. Always put some thought into it before typing it.Check to see that there are no typos in the subject line.

  • Pre-header

    A pre-header is a really important part of email marketing; it goes right under the subject line. Ensure that it is not repetitive of what has already been said in the subject line.A good pre-header serves to generate further interest from the readers.

  • Personalisation

    You should always personalize the email as this boosts the response rates and also brings higher engagement. Be very careful when personalizing the email; check to see that the name used is the correct name.
    Another great way of personalizing your emails is by putting into consideration the different time zones. Ensure that the recipients get the emails early in the morning, regardless of where they live.

  • Physical Mailing Address

    Always include a physical mailing address in all your emails. This helps you to be CAN-SPAM compliant.

  • Prominent Subscribe Areas

    The “sign-up” areas should be prominently displayed so that users can easily subscribe. Make sure that the area is easy to find on all your pages.You should also make sure that the whole process is simple and easy to complete. The easier it is, the higher the chance of getting more subscribers.

  • Unsubscribe Link

    To be fully CAN-SPAM compliant, you also need to include a functioning unsubscribe link to your email. Once a user clicks the link, they will not receive any more emails thereafter.

  • Segment Your Audience

    Segmenting your audience lets you send appropriate messages to each and every one of them. The audience is segmented based on gender, recent purchases, or demographic data.

  • Option To Reply

    Ensure that the recipient is able to reply to the messages that you send to him/her. You should also make sure that you check your emails regularly and respond to them.

  • Call To Action

    All your emails should have a direct call to action that clearly directs the recipient on what you want them to do. You should also explain to them why they should do as you ask. The “call to action” buttons are everything.

  • Click To Call

    These days most people use their phones to access the internet and open their emails. You should, therefore, include a “click-to-call” button on your email.

  • Feature Items in Stock

    Before the email marketing campaign kicks off, ensure that all the items that are featured in the email are in stock. It would not create a good image if a customer wanted a featured item only for them to find out later that it’s not available.

  • Offer Codes

    The offer codes that appear in your email should be activated. If your offers have an expiry date, make sure that you allow the customers enough time to act on them.

  • Images that Populate

    Confirm that the images you include can be viewed on different devices. While some images may take long to load, others may not load at all.

  • Brief Content

    The email’s body should be brief and targeted. Include a teaser in the introduction part to make it interesting enough so that the recipient keeps reading.The content should deliver on what you promised on both the subject line and the pre-header. It should be easy to scan through and give one a rough idea about what you’re talking about. Use simple language, short sentences, and include lists.

  • Test Everything

    As you do all the above, keep testing your email marketing strategy to make sure that you’re always learning. When you test your strategies, you try different things and come up with new ways of improving your techniques


How Does Email Marketing Help Your Business?


Email marketing is a great way for you to grow your business and end up spending very little money. It offers open and interactive communications with your customers in this fast-paced era of internet business. Factors that have contributed to its popularity are its ease of use as well as its affordability. This is one marketing strategy that you definitely shouldn’t ignore.

Newsletters are the most popular form of email marketing.


Why is email marketing important for your business?


I know you’re probably wondering if email marketing is really worth it. Wondering exactly how email marketing works to boost your profits? Well, here is a bunch of ways in which email marketing is important to your business:


  • Increased Brand Recognition and Credibility

You can use email marketing to get your brand name an image stuck in your audience’s minds. This will go a long way in building brand awareness.

Consistent and relevant email marketing will help you earn the trust of your audience. This will make it very easy for you to make sales.


  • Increased Brand Authority

You can use email marketing to show your audience that you’re well versed with everything in the industry and that you know your business inside and out.

Showcase your expertise and deep knowledge of matters related to your business, without bragging. You can do this by sending out emails that add value to your target market. Make sure that the content is valuable and informative.

This will keep the audience coming back to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the industry or get tips or “how to” guides.


  • Regular communication with your Target Audience

Email marketing is useful in maintaining a solid connection with your audience. Communicating with them on a regular basis keeps you on top of their mind in case they need a product or service related to what you have to offer.

Keep the audience updated on what you’re working on, the services, products, and programs that you have available for them. Tell them why they should do business with you


  • Expanding Your Network

Email marketing helps you generate new opportunities when the right people see your message. Repurposing your newsletter content on your blog will also bring you more visitors from other social media platforms. When your newsletter articles are shared across social media, your brand gains exposure and viability; ultimately, your network expands.

In a nutshell, asking your audience to subscribe helps you capture their email addresses. This builds your list for email marketing and as a result, grows your network.


  • More Income

On top of saving you money, marketing will also create a new stream of income for you. For example, you can earn a commission by recommending products or services that you have used, as an affiliate marketer. Another way to earn is by selling ad space in your newsletter.

Email marketing is an effective way of increasing sales which translates to more money in your cash register.




Email marketing is an easy and cost-effective way of kick-starting your sales. It’s an important component for many businesses that helps to reinforce the already existing relationship with their customers.

Learning how to use email marketing well is guaranteed to bump up your company’s profits. The above-mentioned tips are tried and true methods that work effectively if done right. Every marketer needs to do email marketing right in order for their marketing campaign to be successful.