Is AI a must for marketing automation strategy?

 AI-bots have taken the marketing automation strategy to a whole new level. AI has helped businesses in engaging with their audience very efficiently. It has also reduced the need for manual intervention when it comes to interacting with the users.

It automates the repetitive marketing tasks while retaining the human touch. AI has indeed caused a digital transformation. According to a recent study done by McKinsey Global Institute, AI automation has the potential to increase the global productive rates by 0.8% to 1.4% annually in the span of the next 50 years. This will immensely help in increasing back-office productivity. Taking that into consideration, here are three significant reasons that suggest why AI-bot is imperative for marketing automation strategy.

It is very efficient in communicating with the users


AI-bots are found to be more effective in channelling the organic leads than doing so manually. It is less likely that users will sign up to your website straight away and when they are on your website, it is necessary to have an AI-bot that they can use to ask about your products and services.

All the visitors to your website are important. You cannot afford to lose them simply because you do not have a support team. Your back-end executives might also not be available round the clock, which is exactly why you need an AI-bot. Customers like live chat as its real to them. It helps them get answers to their questions before they use your services.

However, the AI-bot you choose should reply to your users with relevant answers. Otherwise it will turn things against you and you will end up losing potential leads. It is advised to use a genuine name of your sales rep along with their photo in order to make it look real.

You can qualify your leads better with AI-bots


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Lead management is indeed a tedious task and there are always leads that need a lot of attention. This is why it is a great relief when you hand over this task to your AI-bot. The initial work of communicating with the lead, understanding their requirement and mapping the best services and products for them will be done by the AI-bot. When this initial process is done then you can have your back-end executive to do the closing. This way you will save a lot of time that is usually spent in catering to the visitors in the initial stages of your lead channelling.

When the customers want to learn more about your services and products, it is important to have a system in place that gauges the potential of that customer.

This will save you time that you’d otherwise spend on communicating with each of them and giving them the answers. When AI-bot is in place, half of the work is already done for you. You can then look into the matter when your customer is finally ready to avail the services. This is when your executive can step in and interact with your client.

AI-bots personalise the user experience 


Another very important reason as to why you need AI-bots is because according to a study, 71% users like personalised ads and if you are providing it to them then you can certainly leverage your business.

You should provide an experience that is unified on all platforms for your customers else you might lose them to your competitors. This is where the bot comes into the picture. It comes up with a series of questions that can help you start with the marketing. Personalisation via AI-bots helps a lot in building a positive brand image among the users. The step by step personalised solution for everything a user might ask is a way of funnelling that ultimately leads to conversion.

Moreover, AI-bots help you focus on the other important things rather than solely looking after communicating with your leads.

Final Take


Due to the above-stated reasons, AI-bots are very useful and important when it comes to marketing automation strategy. It enhances your customer experience and helps you along the way.

AI and Robots

However, Artificial Intelligence will not completely replace humans as it is important to have that human touch. It only augments the process and does the work for you. Moreover, you should design the bots such that they help your customers every step of the way. This will ensure an optimum user experience.

Marketing automation with the help of AI-bot is becoming very popular. You should incorporate the same in your website in order to capture and funnel potential clients. It has become significant and you should give try as your competitors might already have it in place.