Digital Marketing; Challenges and Opportunities

Digital marketing has opened up great avenues for businesses and individuals to grow and expand their reach. It contributes to improving visibility of the services and products that you have to offer your consumers. Digital marketing brings with it a number of opportunities, but like with everything it also comes with it some challenges. Below are the top challenges and opportunities for digital marketing.

Online Reputation Management


Challenge: When it comes to promoting your services online, there are a lot of challenges that are faced by businesses, online reputation management is one of those. In situations where a consumer provides negative feedback online via social media. Potential consumers would be looking to you and your business to see how you handle the situation. If not properly handled you fun the risk of loosing potential customers/business.

Opportunity: You The first step in managing your online reputation is  by pro-actively seeking feedback from your customers. When your conversion cycle is over and you are done delivering services to the customers, the next step is to engage with existing customers and ask for their feedback. If they are having any issues or have had problems at any stage of their experience then it is better to talk directly to the business. The alternative would be to take those complaints online. Once a complain has been made online you have lost the chance to control the situation. 

Local Citations Listings


Challenge: Local Citations are important for the development of your business. If you depend on local patronage to keep you business running then you need to make sure that your presence online is consistent. The challenge is managing every listing to make sure that they are putting out the same information and message. For example, is your Google My Business listing showing that you’re open for business when your Yell listing is showing that you are closed today?

Opportunity: The fist step is to identify, verify and claim all existing listing of your business.  You can use tools like BrightLocal’s citation building to help you identify duplicate citations or citations with errors like wrong address or phone number. Your business’s online profile plays an important role in pulling potential customers in so giving them any reason to doubt you would have the opposite reaction. Your business information is very important and it should reflect accordingly on all platforms. Local citations are a great way to improving your visibility.

Social Media Engagement


Challenge: Social media is perhaps the best and legitimate way of connecting with your audience. It has amazing features that enable you to interact and engage with your audience. Live video streaming, contests, quizzes, polls and more have the power to improve engagement and interaction. The problem is finding the right platform for your business. You need research into where your customers are ‘hanging out’ digitally and how to attract them. 

Opportunity: There are various ways to engage your audience online. The first and most important though is to build your audience/customer base. Once you have established yourself on a platform that your customers are then the engagement begins. Create relevant content that interests and attracts your audience.

focusing on current events is a good start to grabbing your audience’s attention. You can also use hashtags to make sure that your message catch the eyes if the relevant people. As well as open you up to a wider audience. You can also benefit from social media ad campaigns to target specific groups of audience. This will help you generate leads out of these potential customers.

In Conclusion


When it comes to social media, the idea is to capture the interest of the user at the moment. Your content marketing strategies need to be effective enough to lead to referrals, low bounce rates, and even conversions and leads. The content needs to be compelling enough and to engage your audience. Remember to reduce duplicate content and a consistent image on social media will get you the desired results. Your online reputation needs to be clean, to do this you should be pro-active and seek feedback from your customers.

I have established the power of social media and the impact it can have to business. However, if your customers are happy it could lead to positive reviews online which can open you up to a wider audience. Effectively catching the attention of your customers will help you with conversion. With these 3 things sorted, you are sure to make the most out of digital marketing for your business.