The Value of Marketing Automation to Businesses

In today’s advanced marketing world, you literally cannot do marketing without marketing automation. Marketing automation is the use of software to help you manage your business communication by using tools that automate repetitive tasks. Automating many business components saves you so much time and money, and makes entrepreneurship so much easier.


Imagine if you run a business and have to take care of every single task by yourself. With time, the repetitive tasks would get monotonous and you wouldn’t feel so motivated anymore. Marketing automation manages repetitive tasks such as social media, online adverts, sending emails, and SMS messages. In short, marketing automation eliminates tedious day-to-day tasks and streamlines processes. When used in the right way, it offers multiple tangible benefits to the business.

For example, marketing automation:

  1. Increases conversions
  2. Boosts leads
  3. Generates more revenue

Marketing Automation and Customer Loyalty


Customer loyalty is one of the most important objectives of the marketing strategy. Most businesses aim at getting customers through different methods and usually, at whatever cost.

To grow your business, you need to improve customer retention. It’s quite helpful if you have a unique product and offer excellent customer service. The total sum of experiences that customers have with you determines if they will stay or if they will leave.

Your marketing team should focus on improving the value that your business delivers to your customers. The team should emphasise on delivering the best products and services to strengthen the relationship with your customers. Over time, loyal customers can provide a significant amount of revenue over the duration of the relationship.

Marketing Automation Cycle

Marketing automation nurtures existing customers as well as prospects. You are able to acquire the right customers and segment them appropriately depending on their behaviours. It also tells which channels and approaches are working best in acquiring customers and retaining them.


Marketing Automation to build customer loyalty


While true customer loyalty is considered to be the holy grail of any successful business, building customer loyalty is quite challenging. However, with marketing automation, you are able to nurture programs that deliver the best customer experience. This not only creates loyal customers but also turns them into advocates and sources of new referrals.

Basically, when customers make a decision to purchase your products or services, they enter into a loyalty loop where they continue to be influenced about their next decision.

Attract, Nurture, sell

More and more businesses are focusing on delivering customer loyalty because of the obvious quantifiable results that it provides. Let us have a look at how you can make use of marketing automation to strengthen your relationship with your customers to build true customer loyalty:


Measure Loyalty


Businesses that have high customer loyalty grow at a much higher rate than their competitors. There are some tools such as Network Promoter Score (NPS) that are used to track and measure the level of customer loyalty over a given period of time.

Implementing marketing automation is an easy way to set up regular touch points to realise the true customer loyalty. You can then create market segments to enable you to further specialise in offering the best services to your customers.


Create Brand Advocates


For most businesses, loyal customers are usually the biggest source of new customers. Marketing automation helps you to determine which customers are most likely to put a word out there about your business. When you pinpoint this specific group, you can create incentives for these valuable lead sources.


Personalise User The Experience


With the help of marketing automation, you are able to identify the right content that should be delivered to your customers at the right time. This data is really helpful in developing customer profiles from the already existing customers to determine which content fits the new prospects as well.


Continue Scoring Leads after the Purchase


Lead scoring after a customer has already made a purchase is a good way of utilising the power of marketing automation to determine which customers are engaging with your content and who may be ready to make another purchase.


Lead Gen Bulls eye

Build End-to-End Customer Experiences


The information you get from marketing automation helps you to identify the content and approaches that attract your customers. You can tell the specific group that converted and nurture programs that teach them how to become expert users of your products and services. These programs also come in handy whenever you need to introduce a new product or service to your customers.

Marketing Automation is the best way to come up with campaigns that allow you to create great end-to-end customer experience.


Is Marketing Automation critical for Business?


It doesn’t really matter what marketing automation software you use. What matters most is that you’re at the very least, using some sort of marketing automation tool. Running a business with marketing automation helps you simplify a handful of activities at your business premises.

These activities include:


Analysis of what is working for you and what is not


Unlike the olden days when marketing was based on one’s gut feelings and a lot of guesswork. Marketing in today’s world is a science that is based on factual data. If something works for you, you need to have the data to prove it and if it’s not working, you still need the data to prove it.

This data makes it possible for you to show patterns and trends. Without which you, you will be at a significant disadvantage. It’s like riding a bike downhill, blindfolded. Your decision-making power is only available to you when you have the right tools to help you keep close tabs on data points. 


Social Media Monitoring




There is so much potential in social media marketing that businesses need to leverage. These people talk and ask questions about what products and services your company provides.

Without marketing automation, it would be close to impossible to keep tabs on all those conversations. You can carry out a search on your marketing automation tool by keying in selected keywords that customers are most likely to use to try and find you. 


Sales Process Support


The sales process plays a major role in determining whether or not you get the deal. Marketing automation guarantees that all your sales reps follow the exact same sales execution process. Getting an insight into an individual’s efforts will give you 100% confidence that the reps say the same thing to the potential customers in the exact same way.


Usually, only a small percentage of the sales team (about 20%) generates the greatest revenue for your business (about 80%). Marketing automation helps you model what the 20% are doing to ensure that everyone on the team is doing the same. As a result, you will notice a significant growth in your revenue as your business’s sales skyrocket.


Easy Updates to your website


Automation makes it easy for you to update your website however and whenever you see fit. You are able to change the basic stuff such as texts and pictures; if you’re a pro, you may also be able to add pages, build landing pages, change forms, and adjust workflow emails.

You don’t always have to call your website designer to make changes to your website which they will probably charge a fortune for. Eventually, this will save you a considerable amount of money. Tools that are designed for users make it easy for one to make changes to their website.


Automated emails and posting updates


In today’s world, marketing involves a lot of repetitive tasks that one has to do day in day out. It may be easy to assign these tasks to someone but it’s even easier to have software handle all those tasks in an automated manner.

Emails can, for example, be set up once and executed without the need for intervention by a human being. This may also be done when it comes to posting your content on the various social media pages.

Automation frees up your marketing resources and lets you focus on other activities. Activities like optimising program performance, analysing data, creating insights, and being innovative with your marketing experience.


An Insight Into Prospect’s Behaviour



This is probably the main reason why businesses consider marketing automation. The marketing automation platform gives you incredible insight into what your potential customers are thinking, what they’re doing, what questions they’re asking and what they find valuable.

Consumer Behaviour

Marketing automation keeps track of your prospects move from the moment they visit your website for the first time to the moment they actually carry out a transaction. You can see what website pages they visited and how many times they came back. These tools give you information on how many touches your marketing and sales reps had to apply before the customer was finally convinced to work with you.

The insight is of great value when it comes to making decisions that are related to your marketing and sales strategies. This will ultimately determine whether your business grows or declines.




There are so many marketing automation tools on the market today. So you have no excuse as to why you haven’t integrated the tools into your business’s day-to-day activities yet. 

Automation cycles

These tools are a major part of the overall sales and marketing strategy. Without which you risk not seeing fast and significant returns on your investment. With the right team in place, you are bound to get true value from marketing automation.