How Social Media can Improve your Lead Generation efforts

Social media plays an important part when it comes to generating leads for businesses. Have you been trying to increase the lead generation for your business on social media? If you want to take your lead generation efforts to the next level then you need to start by refining your strategies to account for social media. Here are some of the more popular ways to get you on your way to generating leads via social media.

Make content exclusive for subscribers

You should consider creating exclusive content for your subscribers. This serves as an extra incentive for visitors to your site to subscribe as well as a treat for readers that are already subscribed. You can provide access to this information to only those who would sign up to your website to access the content.

Subscribe for newsletters

Those who are really interested in reading the content will certainly sign up and that is how you know that they qualify as a potential lead. This way you will also get their contact details. Examples of exclusive content includes; webinars, white-papers, case studies and more.

Run contests regular audience

To keep your audiences engaged, you can run a valuable contest that people will find interesting. The content should be valuable to those who actually have the potential to become your clients. There are a lot of interesting ways that you can make your customers participate in the contest. You can ask them to share, follow, like, retweet or give their opinion.

As an added bonus, running a competition like this could build your followers and mentions whilst increasing reach on social media. You can also have contest entry forms that will help you in capturing customer data. You can then transfer your efforts into converting these leads.

Social Media advertising

Social media advertising is an excellent and one of the most effective ways of targeting your audience and generating leads. By targeting specific groups that have the potential of getting converted, you can make the advertising process more effective. When your social media advertising is targeted, it can help you generate the leads faster and with a low advertising budget. The sign-up procedure should not be daunting. Subscribers should be able to get access to your gated content easily. There are Facebook and Instagram lead ads that are specially made to serve this purpose.

Highlight your offers via custom tabs

promote coupons on social media

According to research, 66% of the customers follow the brands on Facebook only to get coupons, offers and freebies. You should be making the most out of this. You should highlight these offers on the custom tabs of your social media pages where you can list all the latest offers and coupons that you can offer to your customers.

Use geo-targeted search to your advantage

Geo-targeted Lead generation

To make the most out of your social media efforts,  you should be targeting your local audience with the help of Facebook and Instagram ads. Geo-targetting helps you reach potential customers in your local area. You can get their information via a form that enables them to enter their details for getting a special offer from you. This way you can find those potential customers and engage with them this generating leads for your business.

Understand your target audience

This might not be a direct way of generating leads but listening to the needs of your audience has its benefits. It will help you a lot in planning your strategies. Look into who is talking about your brand online and what they are talking about. Try to identify your shortcomings and improve on them. Change your strategy if you must. You can uncover what people are having about your brand online to understand what they want. You can also connect with these people and maybe pitch your services and products to them. This way you can generate leads fruitfully.

In Conclusion

By using any of the methods mentioned above, you can generate leads for your business. Create exclusive and gated content so that only those who sign up to your website can have the access to it. Run fun contests for your customers, give prizes that they would love to win. In the process, get their information. Run social media ads to target specific groups for your business. For generating leads through the local audience, use geo-targeted ads that only focus on that specific group to make the most out of it. Finally, understand the discussions that your audiences have about your business.