Five Ways to Use Social Media for Healthcare Marketing

Whether we like it or not, social media has made a big impact on our everyday lives. No longer do we just use social media to talk to friends, we use it for everything, including healthcare. With so many of the population on social media – it is no wonder many healthcare organisations have taken advantage of this and now use social media for healthcare marketing. Using social media can be very effective when done right. Here are just five ways to begin your healthcare marketing campaign on social media.


Appeal to Your Community Through Viral Marketing

Viral marketing refers to campaigns that are successful and become viral very quickly. These can capture audiences worldwide and are a great way to embrace your community and appeal to the masses. There are many hashtags out there in healthcare surrounding a certain topics or charity. Doing your part in this can aid in showing patients you care. You can also involve patients with campaigns like Dry January or no-shave November.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, there are numerous companies out there who specialise in healthcare marketing. One example can be seen through One Vision Health who offer a number of services, from brand development to medical website design. Experts can help you understand healthcare marketing on social media and beyond. Using the same example of One Vision Health, they believe that successful healthcare comes with good communication and actively engaging with patients in numerous settings. They can help you to stand out from other practices and reach your patients on a variety of platforms. They have even worked with successful companies such as Specsavers.


Providing Helpful and Relevant Information

With so much on the internet, it can be difficult to know what information to trust. The internet is a place where, in an instance, you can be given a diagnosis and one that usually isn’t correct. You may want to choose an illness or condition each week to cover on your social media. This is for your patients to have a better understanding. This can aid in building better customer relationships and allows patients to be more informed of their own health. You should always discuss with your patients the importance of not believing everything you read on the internet, so being able to forward them to your own social media accounts with information they know has come from a reputable source will only increase the trusting relationship between patient and healthcare provider. 


Make Thinking About Health More Fun

Health can be an extremely serious topic and one that perhaps we should be discussing more. Social media allows many to air their concerns or talk about their health and it can be easier for some to do this through a computer screen than in person. For instance, the Mental Health Awareness Week is often advertised on social media and the radio and involves celebrities discussing mental health. For some, this is more likely to make them open up and discuss issues. 


Use Employees as Advocates

Those in healthcare need to appeal to the mass market and be approachable and friendly. Allowing your employees to show a bit about themselves on social media can help patients see that they are just like everyone else. Going to the doctors or speaking with a nurse can be a daunting experience and often these people are there through some of the most traumatic moments in your life, as well as some of the most embarrassing. You can post information about each of your employees. Allow them to write a bit about themselves. They could also share photos of them participating in something out of work but related to healthcare or charity.


Let Your Patients Do the Talking

What could possibly be a better way to drive patients into your practice than letting them do the talking. Social media is a great way for patients to share their experiences. And people love to hear the truth from other patients. Great reviews on social media could make the difference between new patients using your service or going elsewhere. You can engage customers to be more involved in their own healthcare. Do this by providing surveys or asking for feedback on new practices on your social media account. Facebook allows the general public to rate your page and provide comments. If you have any type of open day planned, you could also encourage those who come to post pictures, along with tagging you and using a particular hashtag to help get you noticed. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to market, even through social media. 

Social media is a unique and free tool that allows healthcare providers to be more actively engaged with their patients. In an era overrun by technology, using social media for healthcare marketing is a strategy you should utilise today.